Creating Strong Communities

Through Legal Advocacy Since 1976

For nearly 50 years, our legal team at Filer & Schwab has worked in eastern Pennsylvania to find creative legal solutions that achieve positive outcomes for our clients and communities alike.

We Invest In East Pennsylvania Communities

At Filer & Schwab, our goal is to help set you up for success in the long term. We bring almost 50 years of legal excellence and well-regarded representation to your case and help answer your urgent legal questions. Through our institutional knowledge and wide contextual information, we achieve some of the best outcomes in the region.

Filer & Schwab Team

A Well-Rounded Legal Practice Serving Lehighton And The Surrounding Area

Skilled Representation For A Wide Range Of Legal Issues

Our lawyers work in many areas of the law. Members of our firm provide solutions for individuals during:

  • Bankruptcy and debt relief: If you are struggling with creditor harassment or are unsure if a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy filing is the right choice for you, our attorneys can help you develop a situation-appropriate legal plan.
  • Wills and estates: We provide comprehensive assistance to individuals planning their estate. Our office can navigate the complexities of estate taxes and probate in advance so your loved ones can grieve in as peaceful a setting possible.
  • Criminal defense: Whether you are facing a drunk driving allegation or another criminal accusation, our lawyers are vigilant defenders of your rights. Feel confident in your options and your situation.
  • Civil litigation: Are you concerned with breach of contract, corporate liability and other civil litigation issues? Our attorneys can assist you.

There is no substitute for a measured and experienced legal solution. We are pleased to help you explore your legal options in full.